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Title: The use of dyes for marking fish

Name: Al-Hamid, Mahmoud Ibrahim

Degree: MS

Chair: Note: Dr. John S. Dendy

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1953

Pages: 30

Keywords: Dyes,Marking,Fish/Bluegill.


Experiments on the marking of bluegills, Lepomis macrochirus Raf., by injection of organic dyes were conducted in aquaria and in a pond. Injections were made into the bluegill's dorsal and caudal fins and into the cheek with a tuberculin syringe and No. 27 needle. One per cent aqueous solutions of the following 11 dyes were used: brilliant vital red, Congo red, alizarin red S, chlorazol fast pink B, nigrosine, trypan blue, fast green B, trypan red, safranin O, indigo carmine, gentian violet. These solutions were injected separately and in combinations.Trypan red, gentian violet, and safranin O were lethal to the fish within three weeks. Indigo carmine was not lethal, but the color remained visible less than five days. Brilliant vital red, alizarin red S, Congo red, and chlorazol fast pink B were visible for 90 days, the duration of the experiment. Nigrosine was visible for 70 days, the total time of observation with this dye. Fast green B was visible up to 50 days. After this the density of the marks started to decrease. Trypan blue was visible for 36 days, after which all fish died suddenly from unknown causes. The marks made with combinations of Congo red, nigrosine, alizarin red S, brilliant vital red, trypan blue, and fast green B were visible on fish for the duration of experiments in aquaria and in a pond, 45 days and 36 days respectively.

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