Theses and Dissertations

Title: Release and removal of orthophosphate from flooded soil samples under laboratory conditions

Name: Trimble, William Courtney

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. Claude E. Boyd

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1974

Pages: 70

Keywords: Orthophosphate,Soil.


Four experiments were conducted to determine the release and removal of orthophosphate from unlimed and limed portions of samples of soils of various chemical and physical characteristics. The soil samples were collected from ponds and terrestial sites at the Fisheries Research Unit, Auburn, Alabama, and other sites in Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Results of Experiment I in which 16 soil samples were allowed to equilibrate with deionized water indicated that the samples differed in release of orthophosphate. Limed portions of the samples released either more, less, or sometimes the same concentrations of orthophosphate as did unlimed portions. Results of Experiment II indicated that differences existed between 12 soil samples for quantity of orthophosphate adsorbed when allowed to equilibrate with increasing concentrations of orthophosphate.Neither unlimed nor limed portions of the soil samples showed appreciable correlation with principal factors commonly assumed to affect fixation of orthophosphate. Limed portions differed from unlimed portions in adsorption of orthophosphate. Results of Experiment III indicated that 6 soil samples released decreasing concentrations of orthophosphate after allowing them to equilibrate with successive volumes of deionized water. About the same or perhaps slightly less orthophosphate was released by unlimed portions of the soil samples: however, the effectiveness of the liming agent may have diminished at successive equilibrations. Results of Experiment IV involving 8 soil samples indicated that the amount of soluble orthophosphate remaining in solution after equilibration differed for weights of soil of the mixture. In addition, the effect of increasing the soil to solution ratio was not the same for each soil sample. Limed portions differed in the amount of orthophosphate remaining in solution after equilibration: however, the relative amounts adsorbed were about the same for unlimed and limed portions of 3 soil samples.

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