Theses and Dissertations

Title: Chromosome studies of three percid fishes in southeastern Alabama

Name: Wade, Charles William

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. John S. Ramsey

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1970

Pages: 64

Keywords: Chromosome Studies,Percid Fishes,Southeastern Alabama.


A study was conducted to determine the karyotypes of Etheostoma stigmaeum, Percina nigrofasciata and Percina palma from tributaries of the Tallapoosa River in southeastern Alabama. A newly designed direct tissue technique for chromosome preparation was perfected for this study. Diploid chromosome numbers were determined from 108 specimens yielding 225 interpretable metaphase figures. The diploid count for each of the three species of darters was 48 chromosomes. No differences were found between chromosome numbers of male and female specimens. Minor differences were found in chromosome morphology of each species' karyotype. Etheostoma stigmaeum differed from Percina nigrofasciata by having six chromosomes proportionately different in length. Percina nigrofasciata had one metacentric chromosome and Etheostoma stigmaeum had one nearly metacentric chromosome. Etheostoma stigmaeum had five chromosomes proportionately different in lcngth from cilromosomes of Percina palmaris. Percina nigrofasciata differed from Percina palmaris by having a metacentric chromosome. Percina palmaris had no true meta-centric chromosomes. Satellites and heterochromatic extensions were observed in chromosome preparations from each species. No heteromorphic sex differences were discovered in this study.

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