Theses and Dissertations

Title: Growth and feed conversion of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fed at different rates in cages

Name: Singholka, Somsuk

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. Eddie W. Shell

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1973

Pages: 39

Keywords: Growth,Feed Conversion,Common Carp,Feeding Rates,Cages.


A study to obtain information on growth and feed conversion of common carp fed at different rates in cages was conducted at the Fisheries Research Unit of the Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station, Auburn, Alabama, during the Spring and summer, 1972. The study was divided into four experiments. In Experiment 1, mean net production (final weight minus original weight) for carp in 16 cages fed at a rate of 5g was 13.6 pounds. Feed conversion was 1.34. Cages of fish from Experiment 1 were divided into two groups úor Experiment 2. Net production ancl feed conversion were significantly higher for fish fed rate of 4% than at a rate of 3%. Larger fish (those fed 4%) and smaller fish (those fed 3%) were fed either at a rate of 3% or 2% in Experiment 3. Size of fish had little effect on net production but did affect the feed conversion. Feeding rates had a significant effect on both net production and feed conversion. When relative growth rates were compared the results were essentially the same except that smaller fish grew at a higher relative rate than larger fish. In Experiment 4, Experiments 1, 2 and 3 were considered as a single experiment. net production for fish fed at rates of 5%-4%-3% was significantly higher than for fish fed at 5%-3%-3%. There was no difference in net production of fish fed 5%-4%-2% and 5%-3%-3%. All conversion rates for the four feeding regimes were significantly different.

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