Theses and Dissertations

Title: The availability of mud phosphorus for algal growth

Name: Chiou, Charng-jyi

Degree: MS

Chair: Dr. Claude E. Boyd

Resides: FAA Library

University: Auburn

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Date: 1973

Pages: 37

Keywords: Phosphorus,Phosphorus in muds,Mud,Algae,Algal growth,Ponds,Scenedesmus dimorphus,Phosphorus availability.


Muds from 12 types of soils were used as the only source of phosphorus in cultures of Scenedesmus dimorphus. Some muds supported as much algal growth as was obtained wtih 0.075 to 0.5 mg/l of phosphorus, while little or no growth occurred in cultures which contained other muds as a source of phosphorus. Algal growth was correlated with soil phosphorus fractions extracted with the following solutions (A) the phosphorus-free nutrient solution, (B) 0.05N HCl plus 0.025N H2SO4, (C) 0.002N H2SO4 plus 3 gm/l of (NH4)2SO4, and (D) 0.1 N HCl plus 0.03N NH4F. Results of regression analyses between the different fractions of phosphorus and the growth of Scenedesmus dimorphus are all significant at the 0.01 level of probability with better correlations obtained with solutions C and D than solutions A and B. Since high correlations were obtained for solutions A, B, and C, which did not extract the phosphorus associated with iron, and aluminum oxides, it was assumed that calcium phosphates supplies most of the phosphorus for growth of S. dimorphus. Additions of phosphorus to the soils prior to their use as muds increased the suitability of some as sources of phosphorus, but for others the added phosphorus was so tightly bound to the soil that little or none was available to S. dimorphus. Findings indicate that type of soil in a pond will be likely to have a large influence on efficiency of fertilization with phosphate fertilizers.

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