Theses and Dissertations

Title Name Degree Chair University Date Download
Identification and analysis of recently duplicated genes in channel catfish genome Zhang, Yu PhD Liu, Zhanjiang Auburn University 2013 Download
Culturing African Lungfish (Protopterus sp) in Uganda: Prospects, Performance in tanks, potential pathogens, and toxicity of salt and formalin Walakira, John PhD Terhune, Jeffery and Phelps, Ronald Auburn University 2013 Download
Evaluation of a Mechanical Grader for the Improvement of the Aquaculture Production of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica, in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coddington Ring, Courtney MS Dr. William C. Walton Auburn 2012 Download
Effects of Water Flow, Distance, and Male Density on the Fertilization Success of Freshwater Mussels Mosley, Tyler MS Stoeckel, James Auburn 2012 Download
Genetic Response to Acute Hypoxia in Channel Catfish (Ictaluruspunctatus), Blue Catfish (Ictalurusfurcatus) and Hybrid Catfish Gyengo, Michael MS Peatman, E Auburn 2012 Download
Identification of Geographic Origin of Ictalurid Catfish and Penaeid Shrimp by Li, Li PhD Boyd, Claude Auburn 2012 Download
Second generation of catfish genetic linkage map and integration of catfish genetic linkage and physical maps using BAC-anchored microsatellites Ninwichian, Parichart PhD Liu, Zhanjiang Auburn 2012 Download
Hydro-peaking Impacts on Growth, Movement, Habitat Use and the Stress Response on Alabama Bass and Redeye Bass, in a Regulated Portion of the Tallapoosa River, Alabama. Earley, Laurie MS Rouse, David Auburn 2012 Download
Introduced Yellow Perch in Lake Martin and Yates Lake, Alabama: Interactions with Native Fishes Roberts, Craig MS DrVries, Dennis and Russell Wright Auburn 2012 Download
Understanding Teleost Genome Structure and Organization: Alternative Lu, Jianguo PhD Liu, Zhanjiang Auburn 2012 Download
Sound Production And The Effect Of Noise On Communication In The Blacktail Shiner (Cyprinella venusta) Holt, Daniel PhD Johnston, Carol Auburn 2012 Download
Acoustic communication, reproduction and hormone modulation in the Catonotus darters Noel, Patricia PhD Johnston, Carol Auburn 2012 Download
Persistence of fish assemblages on sand and gravel bar habitat in the Alabama River, Alabama Haley, Timothy MS Johnston, Carol Auburn 2012 Download
Role of water availability on fish assemblage structure: effects of agricultural land use and spawning mode Dowling, Katelyn MS Johnston, Carol Auburn 2012 Download
Economic Impact of Striped Bass Angler Visitation at Lewis Smith Lake, Alabama Lothrop, Ryan MS Hanson, Terrill Auburn 2012 Download
Migratory Characteristics and Passage Efficiency of Fishes at Two Dams on the Alabama River, Alabama Simcox, Brandon MS DeVries, Dennis and Russell Wright Auburn 2012 Download
Studies for Improvement of Reproductive Biotechnology for Production of Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Female X Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) Male Hybrid Embryos Perera, Dayan PhD Rex A. Dunham Auburn University 2012 Download
Reproductive Confinement of Common Carp, Cyprinus carpio, and Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, via Transgenic Sterilization Su, Baofeng PhD Dunham, Rex Auburn University 2012 Download
Xanthophyll in Catfish: Response Under Controlled and Outdoor Conditions Hu, Bochao PhD D. Allen Davis Auburn University 2012 Download
Histological atlas of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae) with comparison of Alabama rainbow (Villosa nebulosa), Gulf pigtoe (Fusconaia cerina), and Alabama creekmussel (Strophitus connasaugaensis), from the Mobile River Basin, Alabama McElwain, Andrew PhD Stoeckel, James Auburn University 2012 Download
Phosphorus and nitrogen budget for inland, saline water shrimp ponds in Alabama Sun, Wei MS Claude E. Boyd Auburn University 2012 Download
Predation Effects on Age-0 Red Snapper Lutjanus campechanus on Artificial Reefs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Mudrak, Petter MS Szedlmayer, Stephen Auburn University 2011 Download
Age, growth, home range, movement, and habitat selection of redeye bass (Micropterus coosae) from the middle Tallapoosa River tributaries (Alabama, USA). Knight, John II MS Irwin, Elise Auburn University 2011 Download
DNA Barcoding and Related Molecular Markers for Fish Species Authentication, Phylogenetic Assessment and Population Studies Wong, Li Lian PhD Liu, Zhanjiang Auburn 2011 Download
Water Quality in Inland Ponds for Low-Salinity Culture of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Prapaiwong, Naparat PhD Boyd, Claude E Auburn 2011 Download
Analysis of bacterial communities in the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) with emphasis on Vibrio vulnificus dynamics under refrigeration Wood, Raphael PhD Covadonga R. Arias Auburn 2011 Download
Evaluation of production characteristics of four strains of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and a red variety under two sets of intensive culture conditions Peterman, Mark A. MS Ronald Phelps Auburn 2011 Download
Satiation Feed Consumption as an Inventory Tool to Assess Biomass of Channel x Blue Hybrid Catfish in Earthen Ponds Arguello, Ricardo MS Ronald P. Phelps, Auburn 2011 Download
Fine-scale movements and home ranges of red snapper Lutjanus campechanus around artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico Piraino, Maria MS Szedlmayer, Stephen Auburn 2011 Download
Evaluation Of Flavor Of Pacific White Shrimp Penaeus Vannamei Cultured In Low Salinity Water Le, Phuong Thuy MS Claude E. Boyd Auburn 2011 Download
Cyanobacterial Blooms in the Southeast: Understanding Their Distribution and Management Kaul, RajReni MS Alan E. Wilson, Auburn 2011 Download
Biodiversity of Metazoan Parasites Infecting Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus), Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus), and C×B Hybrid Catfish (Female Ictalurus punctatus × Male Ictalurus furcatus) in Earthen Pond Aquaculture Truong, Triet MS Stephen A. Bullard Auburn 2011 Download
Perception of Alabama Science and Career Technology Teachers Concerning Teaching the Alabama Aquaculture Course of Study Cline, David PhD Yolanda J. Brady, Auburn 2011 Download
Toxic Cyanobacteria and Plant Defenses Against a Generalist Herbivore Chislock, Michael MS Alan Wilson Auburn 2011 Download
Bio-economic Factors Affecting Feasibility of Floating In-pond Raceway Systems: A Stella Modeling Approach Regan, Rachel MS Terrill R. Hanson, Auburn 2011 Download
Evaluation of Biological Agents for Controlling Enteric Septicemia of Catfish Carrias, Abel PhD Jeffery S. Terhune Auburn 2011 Download
Development of Alternative-protein-based Diets for the Intensive Production of Florida pompano Trachinotus carolinus L. Rossi, Waldemar Jr. MS Donald Allen Davis Auburn 2011 Download
A comparison of the size and age distribution of red snapper Lutjanus campechanus to the age of artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico Syc, Tara MS Stephen T. Szedlmayer Auburn 2011 Download
Title Name Degree Chair University Date Download

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