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Tagged Fish Overview

We presently are tracking the movements of red snapper, gray triggerfish, and some shark species in the Gulf of Mexico.  Our tagged fish can have blue, white, or yellow external tags that have Auburn University, (251) 990-4858, and a tag number written on the side of them.  Some of these fish also have internal tags located within the gut cavity.  For these fish we offer a $150 reward for the return of an Auburn University tagged fish as long as the fish carcass, internal, and external tags are returned.  If the fish does not have an internal tag the reward amount can vary.  Fish can be tagged with a $50 reward or $150 reward external tag.  The full reward amount will be given for the return of the fish carcass and external tag.


Equipment Used & Location of External Tags



tagged snapperTriggerfish tag


What should you do if you recapture an Auburn University tagged marine fish?

1. Please keep the fish carcass, external and internal tags

2. Contact Auburn University: lab phone (251) 990 – 4858 to let us know and schedule a pick up of the fish

3. Provide AU with as much information as possible such as when, where, with whom (private boat or charter boat), etc. that you caught the fish.  We are interested to learn more about the movements of the tagged fish!

4. Once AU staff have confirmed that you have recaptured one of our fish fill out the AU vendor form (required to receive the reward).  Located at:  Your reward will be mailed to the address that you provide within 4 to 8 weeks if for some reason you have not received your reward please call the marine fish lab (251) 990 – 4858 to let us know.


Did you catch an AU tagged fish in freshwater?

Our research lab presently only tags marine fish but we would be happy to help you locate the correct lab at Auburn University (click the link below that applies for your tagged fish).

AU Tagged Fish Caught in the Mobile Delta

AU Tagged Fish Caught in a Northern AL Lake


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