Development of Techniques for Saltwater Shrimp Farming

Mobile Bay estuary, nursery ground for marine shrimp


The Gulf of Mexico has a productive bait and food-size shrimp fishery, yet the United States is a major importer of marine shrimp. Along the coast, recreational fishers will pay premium prices for live bait shrimp and the restaurant industry is always seeking high quality fresh shrimp.
Consequently, interest in the expanding the U.S. production of marine shrimp–as a fishing bait and for food–in Alabama’s coastal areas is increasing. These coastal areas are also some of the most sensitive ecological environments in the state, so aquaculture techniques developed for these areas must be environmentally safe.

Aerial photo of the Claude Peete Mariculture Research Center, Gulf Shores



Develop technologies for the farming of food shrimp (L. vannmaei)and bait shrimp (F. aztecus) in Alabama.



Auburn University research is underway in small coastal ponds and in tanks in greenhouses located at the Claude Peete Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores. Scientists have studied how well different species grow in Alabama, how densities affect production and economics, and how to best manage water in the ponds to promote good shrimp growth while ensuring minimal discharge.


Anticipated Impacts

The expansion and refinement of shrimp culture technologies will ensure the development of an environmentally and economically viable shrimp industry in Alabama. These technologies would not only develop new industries using shrimp as a marketable food item, but also would supplement and stabilize the supply of bait to commercial and recreational fishers.

Dr. Allen Davis (upper row, center) and Dr. David Rouse (bottom row, right) with students


Principal Investigators

D. Allen Davis
Assistant Professor
Auburn University,
Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures

David B Rouse
Alumni Professor
Auburn University,
Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures


Affiliated Departments or Institutions

Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division
Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant College Program

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