Current Students

Graduate students in my program live and work on the coast.  They take classwork on the main campus for one semester.  All other classwork is completed at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Their semester on campus is usually the winter semester.  Most research projects involve reef fishes.  Almost any aspect of the life history, ecology, behavior and populations assessment are preferred areas of research.  Because most work involves offshore trips (20 to 50 miles) we work together helping each other on most projects.

The students both past and present originate from many different places.  Also Auburn Fisheries has typically hosted students from around the world.  Present students include Darin Topping (Ph.D.), Carrie Simmons (Ph.D.), Sabrina Beyer (M.S.), and Dianna Miller (M.S.).

Carrie M. Simmons

gray triggerfish  behavior

Darin T Topping

red snapper movements

Dianna R. Miller

reef function

Sabrina G. Beyer

red snapper otolith validation

Rebecca A. Redman

2005 reef function

Allison M. Chapin

2004 red snapper movements

Rebecca L. Wingate

2004 red snapper movements

Mark E. Lingo

2003 reef function

Amy A. Piko

2003 red snapper predation

Dustin R. Moss

2003 red snapper populations

Allyson C. Ouzts

2002 red snapper diets

Marek F. Topolski

2001 Blenniidae habitats

Christopher W.D. Gurshin

2000 shark movements

Kori M. Blitch

2000 gray triggerfish diets

Jasson D. Lee

1998 red snapper diets

Joseph Conti

1996 red snapper habitats

Michael B. Moxey

1994 red drum aging

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