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Commercial Fish Farming Project in Nigeria


Johnson, Malcolm

Date: 1983

Funding Agency: Tiffany Industries, Inc

Keywords: nigeria, aquaculture, development, international

Category: International Country Report

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The Ministry of
Agriculture and Natural Resources

of Nigeria’s Bendel
State (formerly Mid-West State)

contracted Tiffany
Industries Americas Corporation (a subsidiary of

Tiffany Industries,
Inc., St. Louis, Missouri) to develop and manage

a large-scale
mechanized row crop farm and a commercial fish

farm. Subsequently,
the International Center for Aquaculture

(ICA) at Auburn
University was subcontracted by Tiffany industries

Corporation to develop and manage the commercial

fish farm
component, which became known as “Aviara Fish Farm”

of”‘ Bendel
Tiffany Farms.” The term of the contract with ICA was

April1, 1974, to December
31, 1979.

Malcolm C. Johnson.
ICA Associate Professor of Fisheries, was

assigned project
leader. He, along with specialists in land development and

traveled to Nigeria on June 19, 1974, to

make preliminary
evaluations of potential sites from which the final

farm sites would be

The project leader
returned to ICA in July 1974 to outline a

commercial fish
production project plan. This included project

specifications and sources of commodities, and budget

preparation. The
planning results are reported in detail in “Development

of a Commercial
Fish Farm in Mid-Western State, Nigeria”, a 1975
publication by Johnson.

complementary information may be found in the

following internal
ICA reports: “Nigerian Fish Farming Project

Report. April 1,
1974, to December 31. 1977,” and” Nigerian Fish

Farming Project
Report, January 1, 1978, to December 31, 1978”.

The project leader
traveled with family to Nigeria to establish

on June 16, 1975.

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