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Eutrophication of Alabama Lakes: Position Paper


Eutrophication Committee of the Alabama Fisheries Association

Date: 1996

Funding Agency: unknown

Keywords: eutrophication, alabama, lakes, reservoirs, pollution, water quality, limnology

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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the Alabama Fisheries Association is an organization comprised

of aquatic resource scientists and managers concerned v.rith protection and
improvement of Alabama surface waters.


recent economic studies have estimated the recreational value of

Alabama surface waters at well over


$1 billion a year.



eutrophication caused by nutrient enrichment has been identified

by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) as an
impairment or threat to thousands of surface acres of Alabama’s multiple-use


ADEM lake monitoring data reveal a steady increase in trophic

status (eutrophication) of many Alabama lakes, some (e.g. Coosa river lakes)
to significantly elevated levels.


Alabama does not currently require permitted dischargers to

monitor and report the nutrient content of their waste effluent, making it

Alabama does not currently have specific water quality criteria

that relate directly to nutrient enrichment or to the biological manifestations
of nutrient enrichment.


be it resolved that, the Alabama Fisheries Association

recommends to all relevant state and federal agencies, the following action:


require all major NPDES dischargers (

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