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The International Center for aquaculture Annual Report


International Center for aquaculture – Auburn University

Date: 1972

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: aquaculture, fisheries, international, development

Category: International Annual Report

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The International Center for Aquaculture was established

June 25, 1970, at the Auburn University Agricultural Experiment

Station, under authority contained in Section 211 (d) of

the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. The grant (A!Djcsd

2780) was for the puxpose of implementing the project “To

Strengthen Specialized Competency in Aquaculture,” under

the agreement signed June 25, 1970 by Dr. John H. Hannah

for USAID and President Harry M. Philpott for Auburn University.

The following objectives were considered of primary importance

in strengthening the competence of the Center.1. To add experts in selected fields to the faculty.

2. To develop a library of worldwide literature on aquaculture

and more effective methods for dissemination

of this information.

3. To provide educational opportunities in aquaculture for

personnel of AID and other governmental agencies and

private foundations, for students interested in international

development, and for foreign participant training.

4. To develop a worldwide collection of data on food

fishes and other aquatic organisms that appear suitable

for culture.

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