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Palma, Salvatore, John Grover, Stephen Malvestuto, Katerine Vandemaela, Dianne Blane – International Center for Aquaculture

Date: 1978

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: africa, burundi, aquaculture, fisheries, economics, markets, international, development

Category: International Country Report

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The AID/Auburn University team evaluated the factors needed to prepare
a Project Paper to support development of fish farming in the highlands of
Burundi and a capture fishery in the northern lakes. The team concluded that
the information needed for the feasibility analyses required in a Project
Paper was not available at this time and that a more modest support input to
help develop information and a plan for development was appropriate. Fish
culture, for example, might be feasible but at this point is untested in the
highlands. Careful analyses of production potential and costs are needed.
The fishery in the northern lakes ean probably be sustained at significantly
higher levels than currently being taken by making more and newer, larger
mesh-sized gillnets available to the fishermen. However, some program to regt.
ilate the fishery is needed to prevent overexploitation ·and collapse of the
fish stock.
A two-year, two-man technical assistance input is recommended at this
time. The Team Leader, based in Bujumbura, would work with the GRB in· training
personnel of the Fisheries Service and developing a program to test fish
farming potential at the existing Karuzi Fish Culture’ Station. The second
person would be stationed at Kirundo and would work with the Fishety Service
to distribute nets purchased by AID and to develop and implement a plan to
monitor and regulate the northern lakes fishery. At the end of two years,
enough information should be available to assess the biological, technical
and economic feasibility of fish culture.. If feasible, a program for development,
including possible AID support, should be developed. The northern
lake catch could jump from ·about ·200 to 600 tons/year providing fish for
100,000 people at current ·.rates of consumption.
The total AID/Auburn level of ·effort for two years of field work is
. estimated at $47.4 ,QOO.
It is estimated that the GRB will contribute in kind
the equivalant of $44,000. ·The activity budget is summarize.d in the table below.

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