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Street, Donald

Date: 1978

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: jamaica, aquaculture, fisheries, economic, development, international

Category: International Country Report

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It has been
established that Jamaica has a strong need

for additional
sources of cheap animal protein. Fish culture

has possibilities
which must be considered in view of

the development plan
for the country. The study reported

here established
information relevant to decision-making

about fish culture
in Jamaica, delineated areas in which

deficiencies exist, and suggested means for obtaining

information needed
for decision-making.

A. Facts related to
decision-making are:

I. A sizable demand exists for fresh fish in Jamaica.

This result is manifest through:

(a) high prices of other fish in existing markets, and

(b) high prices of competitive high-protein food


2. The labor supply for
fisheries operations should

be adequate to begin this enterprise
in the country with

selected farmers. Extension education is a necessary complement

to a fishery venture.

3. Byproduct feedstuffs are available in sufficient

quantities to begin fishery operations in certain areas.

4. An adequate marketing and transportation infrastructure

is available for beginning a fish culture


5. Interest rates are high in Jamaica. and are not

likely to be reduced soon in view of capital outflows.

6. Sizable risks may be encountered in a fish culture

operation subject to: ·

(a) the ability of operators to utilize the appropriate


(b) sandy and porous limestone base soils leading

to leaks in ponds and loss of water, and

(c) a possible dependence on imported feeds

and fertilizers which are subject to fluctuations

in world prices and to government import


B. Areas in which
more information specific to Jamaica

is needed are:

I. The extent of the market for fresh fish in Jamaica.

2. Production rates of fish utilizing different types

of locally available feeds and fertilizer materials.

3. Costs of the various types of inputs to pond fish


4. Costs of construction of different types of ponds.

5.. Alternative uses of inputs suitable for fish culture.

6. Extent and location of lands suitable for aquaculture

C. The above types
of missing information are to be obtained


I. Complete record keeping on costs of construction,

maintenance and variable inputs to the fish culture operations

for different sized ponds.

2. Setting up pond experiments with alternative

feeding and fertilization methods.

3. Observing market price changes and responsiveness

of customers to the product presented by size of fish.

4. An appraisal of alternative uses of resources used

in fish culture operations.

The requirements under C can be met by use of extension

personnel, by outside consultants on the marketing

aspects and by observation of the fisheries staff on the

project. The next year will afford the opportunity to gather

a large
amount of the data needed.

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