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ARTIFICIAL SPAWNING of MULLET and CULTURE of MULLET and MILKFISH in TAIWAN – Research and Development Series 3, ICA


Schmittou, Rudy

Date: 1973

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: taiwan, mullet, aquaculture, international, development, spawning, milkfish

Category: International Country Report

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Taiwan is advanced in various aquaculturcs. Its fish farmers are especially noted for their cultures of milkfish in brackish water and polv-cultures of Chinese carps in fresh water.

Its research biologists have been among the leaders in developing

shrimp culture and have been the most successfull in artificially reproducing and rais ing mullet to food size.

Aquacultural facilities were toured in Taiwan during June 1971. The itinerary was developed by Mr. T. P . Chen,

Director, Fisheries Division, Joint Commiss ion on Hural Reconstruction. This report includes a summary on milkfish culture andthe techniques

used in artificially spawning and raising mullet in Taiwan.

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