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Dynamics of Chemical and Physical Characteristics
of Water, Bottom muds, and Aquatic Life in a Large Impoundment on a River


Lawrence, J

Date: 1971

Funding Agency: Auburn University/USDA

Keywords: impoundment, reservoir, limnology, water, mud, eufaula, alabama, seminole

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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An investigation of the dynamics
of chemical and physical characteristics

in water, bottom
muds, and aquatic life within 3 impoundments on the Chattahoochee River was
started in May, 1965 and continued through November, 1969. A report on the
Phase I (May, ’65 – November, ’67) aspects of this study was made in 1968.
While this report reviews the Phase I findings, its emphasis will be on the
Phase II data. The uppermost study area was Bartletts Ferry Reservoir. The middle
study area was Lake Eufaula. The lower study area was Lake Seminole.

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