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Fisheries and Limnological Studies on West Point Lake
Alabama-Georgia, Phase VI


Davies, W., D. Bayne, S. Malvestuto, J. Lawrence and C. Webber

Date: 1986

Funding Agency: U. S. Corps of Engineers

Keywords: fisheries, limnology, water quality, west point, reservoir

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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This report presents the results of the fisheries and
limnological studies conducted on West Point Lake from June 1982 throuRh
February 1983 with some unreported data covering previous report
periods. Overall study objectives continue to be: 1) documenting
changes in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of West
Point Lake with emphasis on detection of those factors contributing to
the expected decline in sport fishing success, and 2) implementing and
evaluating fishery management practices aimed at improving the catch per
effort (CPE) of sport fishermen.

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