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Smitherman, Oneal, Donavan Moss

Date: 1970

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: panama, central america, aquaculture, fisheries, natural resources, international, development

Category: International Country Report

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1. That a cooperative program involving U. S. A. I. D.,
the University of Panama and Auburn University be established to provide an aquacultural testing facility for research and teaching. The University of Panama, Faculty of Agronomy, .has a 608-.hectare experiment station w.hic.h contains suitable sites for a water storage reservoir and 12 to 16 hectares
of experimental ponds. University officials appeared enthusiastic at the
prospect of such a cooperative program and indicated willingness to make
available the required amount of land. The program should include the
initiation of an aquacultural curriculum in the Faculty of Agronomy.
2. That simultaneously, a cooperative program among U.S.A. I. D., the

Directorate of Marine Resources of the Ministry of Commerce and
Industry, and Auburn University is recommended for development of
a combination fish .hatchery-demonstration fish farm. Emphasis would be
on extension of commercial fish farming methods. Suitable sites for
the fish hatchery-demonstration fish farm are located at David, Chiriqui
Province, and La Raya de Santa Maria, Veraguas Province.
3. That graduate training in fisheries should be provided at Auburn University
for participants from both the University of Panama and the Directorate
of Marine Resources. Two participants should begin two-year programs
for theM. S. degree initially, with two participants added each year so that
4 students would be on the Auburn campus in any year. This program
should continue until sufficient biologists are trained for research
and teaching staff at the University of Panama and for inland fisheries
management throughout the country.
4. That an Auburn Team, upon
completion of the surveys and mapping requested

for tentative station sites, return to Panama for a period of 1
month to supervise plauning of experimental ponds and laboratory facilities,
and assist in preparing cost estimates for construction and operation of
fishery stations.
5. That two advisors from Auburn be provided to supervise construction of
ponds and laboratories, to initiate aquacultural research and to assist in
the establishment of a fisheries curriculum at the University of Panama.
6. That the program of research developed at the University of Panama would
include determination of the suitability for culture of Panamanian fishes
and freshwater shrimps that are widely distributed in the country. Research
should be shifted to exotic species, if local species show little
promise for commercial production.
7. That research and teaching collection of freshwater fishes and invertebrates
be prepared in a joint effort of the University of Panama, Auburn University
and the Directorate of Marine Resources. Fish and shrimp species utilized
for food or sport should be collected first. Specimens would be identified
at Auburn University and returned to the Faculty of Agronomy and the
Directorate of Marine Resources for cataloguing, storage and use in teaching
and training.

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