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Progress Report on Fisheries Development in El Salvador


Bayne, David

Date: 1974

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: el salvador, aquaculture, fisheries, international, development

Category: International Country Report

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In February 1971, at the request of USAID Mission, EI

Salvador, Dr. Donovan D. Moss, of the International

for Aquaculture at Auburn
University, conducted a survey

of the inland fisheries of El Salvador. lie was assisted by

personnel of the Fisheries
Section, Department of Forestry

and Fisheries, ministry of Agriculture and Livestock ( MAG),

El Salvador. Purpose of the survey was to review facilities

and activities of the
Fisheries Section and to determine if

sufficient potential and need
existed to justify accelerated development

of inland fisheries and, if
so, to recommend a program

of inland fisheries development for El Salvador. Concluding

that increased fish
production could offer an abundance

of relatively inexpensive,
high quality animal protein to

diets known to be deficient
in animal protein, Moss1 recommended

the following:

l. Improvement and expansion
of research facilities at the

Fisheries Station located at
Santa Cruz Parrillo so that an

effective research program
could be launched.

2. USAID Mission financial support for the purchase of

laboratory and field

3. USAID Mission support in
obtaining technical services

from the International Center
for Aquaculture in the form of

a full-time resident
fisheries advisor and short-term technical


Mission and US AID /Washington acceptance
of these recommendations

resulted in Contract – o. AID
jla-688, under

which the author was employed
as the resident fisheries advisor

beginning January 1, 1972. Following \Washington and

on-campus orientation and
Spanish language training in El

Salvador, all efforts were
devoted to coordinating and advising

in the development of an
effective inland fisheries program.

Efforts were concentrated in
the following work areas:

l. Renovation and expansion
of research and supporting

facilities at the Fisheries
Station, Santa Cruz Parrillo.

2. Aquacultural research.

3. Aquacultural extension.

4. Investigations of the
fisheries resources of major lakes

and other natural waters of
El Salvador.

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