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The International Center for Aquaculture Annual Report for 1976


Shell, E. W.

Date: 1976

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: international, aquaculture, development

Category: International Annual Report

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This REPORT SUMMARIZES the activities of the International

Center for Aquaculture during the fiscal year 1976, particularly

as related to support received from the U.S. Agency for

International Development (AID) institutional grant AID/csd

2780. A highlight of the year was the 78 man-months of overseas

service performed by Center staff. Academic and training

programs were strengthened with the initiation of new courses

in fish genetics and breeding, aquacultural economics, and a

special 5-month aquacultural training program for foreign students.

In total 656 students (504 American and 152 foreign)

were enrolled in fishery subjects taught during the year. Country

projects were operational in the Philippines, Brazil, Nigeria;

and El Salvador. In addition, 19 special requests for international

development services were received and appropriately

serviced during the year.

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