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The International Center for Aquaculture Annual Report for 1975


Shell, E. W.

Date: 1975

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: international, aquaculture,development

Category: International Annual Report

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Establishment of the International Center at Auburn University

and funding of the overall project, “To Strengthen

specialized Competency in Aquaculture,” reflect ( 1) the

importance of aquaculture in developing nations of the world,

and (2) Aubmn University’s competence and worldwide

leadership in fisheries.

Aquaculture is becoming increasingly important in developing

countries as a means of providing more of the protein

needed for adequate diets and as an important contribution

to economic growth. It utilizes infertile lands and

runoff waters, along with agricultural wastes and surpluses,

to intensively grow crops of high quality protein in the form

of fish and other aquatic animals, thus greatly increasing the

ability of each country to supply the protein needs of its

own people. Aquaculture can be used to grow high quality

protein locally where it is most needed, thereby reducing

the cost of transportation, processing, and refrigeration. It

also provides additional needed income and employment for


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