Aquaculture – For students interested in the farming of aquatic animals. Course offerings include: Principles of Aquaculture, Hatchery Management, Aquaculture Production, Introduction to Fish Health, Facilities for Aquaculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture Extension Methods, Seafood Processing, Water Sciences and Principles of Agribusiness.

Aquatic Resource Management – For students interested in assessment and management of the flora and fauna of aquatic environments. Course offerings include: Limnology, Ichthyology, Management of Small Impoundments, Fisheries Biology and Management, Genetics, Marine Ecology, Wetland Biology and Population Ecology.

Fisheries Management – For students interested in the management and ecology of fish and fisheries in freshwater and marine environments. Course offerings include: Management of Small Impoundments, Genetics, Conservation Biology, Hatchery Management, and Fisheries Biology and Management.

Fisheries Pre-Professional – The Pre-Professional option provides students with a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences as well as Fisheries Sciences and satisfies requirements for Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine or other professional schools.

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