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Tom Lovell, distinguished university professor of fisheries and allied aquacultures at AU, contributed almost 30 years of service to Auburn University and fish farmers through his work in the area of fish nutrition and fish processing technology. A native of Arkansas, Lovell received his bachelor’s degree in dairy science and master’s degree in animal nutrition from Oklahoma State University and the Ph.D. in animal nutrition and biochemistry from Louisiana State University (LSU). He served as an assistant and associate professor at LSU for six years before joining the AU faculty in 1969. During his tenure at Auburn, Lovell developed a research program in fish nutrition at AU that is the first in the United States devoted to determining nutrient requirements of warmwater fish. This program has helped establish nutrient requirements of catfish and has led to the development of guidelines for formulating commercial feeds. Lovell’s research also revealed the link between vitamin C deficiency and “broken back syndrome” in catfish, and his research has addressed off-flavor problems in cultured fish and shrimp. While at Auburn, Lovell directed some 50 Ph.D. students and 70 master’s students. He also developed the first course in fish nutrition ever offered in the United States and wrote the textbook “Nutrition and Feeding of Fish,” which is used in universities worldwide. He retired in 1998.