phelps2 Ron Phelps received a BS in fisheries from Auburn University in 1969.  He earned a PhD in 1975 specializing in fish
diseases and parasites. He joined the faculty of the Department of Fisheries
and Allied Aquacultures in 1976 as part of its international program. His first  assignment was in Colombia South American where he spend three years evaluating native fish species for their potential in aquaculture, designing two aquaculture research stations, and training of government biologists. He
continued to be active in the international program up until his retirement,  working in 29 countries, providing technical assistance, evaluating programs,  conducting research, and training for both the private and public sectors. In
1988 he took over the hatchery management program of the Department. From that
date until his retirement he taught the Hatchery Management class. He directed
48 Master of Science and Ph.D. students, publishing 49 peer-reviewed papers and
book chapters. Research efforts covered a wide range of topics and fish
species. Reproduction control was a major area of work, where he helped to
refine procedures for monosex production of tilapia and sunfishes. He and his
students were the first to successfully spawn red snapper and rear them to
adulthood. Catfish topics ranged from brood development to fingerling
production.  Overall he has spawned more than 20 species of fish in four continents.   Ron
retired from the Department in 2013. Department head, David Rouse, awards Ron with an Alumni Professorship at his retirement reception.