1732Jack snow was a faculty member in the department of fisheries and allied aquacultures from 1974 until 1983. his specialty was hatchery management. he graduated from auburn university earning a b.s. degree in 1942 and a m.s. degree in 1948. he started his fisheries career in 1950, when he joined the u.s. bureau of sport fisheries and wildlife. his assignment was at the marion, alabama national fish hatchery and training school, where he served as director until 1974 when he retired. he joined the auburn university fisheries department serving until 1983. during his career, he published more than 55 scientific articles and papers on warm-water fish culture. jack r. snow is widely known among fish culturists and others for his excellent training program at the marion school. his service at auburn university involved training, extension work and consulting with assignments in at least seven foreign countries. his capability as a dedicated teacher instilled high standards of knowledge and excellence into warm-water fish culturists nationally and internationally. he is recognized worldwide as a leader in warm-water fish culture. enshrined into the "national fish culture hall of fame", spearfish, south dakota, 1986.