5This multi-purpose facility located on south college and woodfield drive houses offices, research labs, the ichthyology teaching collection, teachings labs and office/lab space for steve rider of adcnr. the teaching facilities take up approximately one quarter of the building and include teaching collection space in a separate, vented room. the auburn university teaching collection has approximately 1000 lots of specimens from approximately 160 families representative of world fish families, as well as fishes from alabama and the southeastern united states. there are two teaching labs; one for computer work and one for specimen processing and examination. in addition, the building has storage for field equipment used for ichthyology lab and overnight trips. office space includes four offices for faculty, staff and students, plus a conference room and gis workstation. in addition, one office/lab is used by adcnr personnel. the research labs include wet lab space and a variety of tank sizes, from a large stream tank to arrays of 10, 20, and 40 gallon tanks. an acoustics lab was constructed by dr. johnston and her students and is used for work with sound production and hearing in fishes. the facility also includes lab space for processing and temporary storage of fish specimens collected for biodiversity surveys and associated projects.