810E. ellis prather was born in a1919 in autaugaville, alabama, received his b.s. from auburn (api) in 1941 and took leave from his appointment as assistant fish culturist at auburn to complete his m.s. from the university of michigan in 1942. following a stint in the u.s. air force he returned to the auburn faculty as assistant professor and assistant fish culturist in 1945. in the late forties , he did research on minnow production. this led to the writing and publication of, ‘production of bait minnows in the southeast’. this is the most popular publication ever produced by the experiment station.” ellis was reactivated in the military on leave to serve in the korean war. “later he worked on practical fish feeding and described the first ‘open’ formula feed for use in pond aquaculture. he did some of the first work in the u.s. on ‘pen’ spawning of channel catfish. he also worked on methods of hatching catfish eggs. he did research on all aspects of catfish farming” including marketing through fish-out ponds. he developed the first fish hatchery management course at auburn that he taught from 1947 until 1980 (except for the years he was in military service). ellis also helped in the formation and early activities of the international center for aquaculture. he was chosen to serve on the usda soil conservation service national aquaculture activity team 1980 to 1982. ellis retired as associate professor emeritus the end of 1983 and died march 10, 2003. this photo was taken in the early 1970′s.