Bryan duncan worked with auburn university faculty stationed in the philippines in 1973/74 as a peace corps volunteer. he returned to auburn university in 1974 and was hired onto the faculty in 1975. as a faculty member he spent 1976 to 1981 in indonesia working on aa usaid funded aquaculture project. upon his return to auburn he continued to work with the international program which included starting the aquaculture training program for international students in 1982. he became director of the international center for aquaculture and aquatic environments in 1989 after the retirement of don moss. in 2003 his duties were expanded and he became director of the office of international agriculture in the college of agriculture. in addition to his long-term assignment in indonesia, he has worked in 44 countries on short-term assignments for a total of almost 1,000 days. bryan retired as director of the icaae and from the department of fisheries and allied aquacultures in 2005.