Staff and Associates of the Center are faculty, professional staff and affiliates of Auburn University. All have international experience, and many have foreign language skills. They include holders of distinguished university professorships and internationally recognized specialists.

E.Arana (M.S.) Aquacultural production systems.
C. Bailey (Ph.D.) Sociology of marine fisheries and coastal zone management
D.R. Bayne (Ph.D.) Reservoir ecology; aquatic plant management
C.E. Boyd (Ph.D.) Water quality management for aquaculture.
Y.J. Brady (Ph.D.) Fish health management
W. Daniels (Ph.D.) Marine & Freshwater Aquaculture
D.A. Davis (Ph.D.) Aquatic animal nutrition.
W.G. Deutsch (Ph.D.) Aquatic Ecology Environmental assessment; and participatory research.
D. DeVries (Ph.D.) Fisheries ecology
B.L. Duncan (Ph.D.) Center Director, ICAAE
R.A. Dunham (Ph.D.) Fish genetic engineering.
B.Earle (B.A.) ICAAE International Business Manager
R.K. Goodman (M.S.) Aquacultural facilities development and management.
J.W. Jensen (Ph.D.) Aquaculture; Dean, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Director, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station.
C.Johnston (Ph.D.) Fish behavior/systematics
Z.Liu (Ph.D.) Fish molecular genetics
L.L. Lovshin (Ph.D.) Aquaculture/agriculture integrated systems; aquacultural training
M. Maceina (Ph.D.) Fisheries biology, statistics and population dynamics
J.J. Molnar (Ph.D.) Alumni Professor; rural sociology
K.C. McNabb (Ph.D.) Forestry; silviculture and forest regeneration.
R.P. Phelps (Ph.D.) Fish hatchery technology; aquacultural training.
H.R. Schmittou (Ph.D.) Emeritus; aquacultural production systems
D.Shannon (Ph.D.) Agro-forestry
K.L. Veverica (M.S.) Aquacultural production systems
K.H. Yoo (Ph.D.) Biosystems engineering and water harvesting
R.Wallace (Ph.D.) Marine resources.
C.Reeves (M.S) Aquacultural production systems
D.B. Rouse (Ph.D.) Department Head, Crustacean and molluscan aquacultural production systems
S.Ruiz-Cordova (M.S.) Water quality monitoring.
R.Wright (Ph.D.) Fisheries Management.
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