FISH-6240 Species Data

Name: Ben

Species: Paddlefish

Production Goal – Size: g

Production Goal – Sex (other characteristic): h

Target Harvest Date: May 1, 2013

Target Injection Date: May 18, 2013

Market Price: j

% Survival after Harvest: u

% Survival in Pond: u

% Survival at Stocking: h

% Hatch: j

% Fertilization: j

Female Average Weight: j

Fecundity, eggs/kg female: j

% Females that Spawn: j

Number of Broodfish Needed – Male: j

Number of Broodfish Needed – Female: j

Sex Ratio (M:F): jj

Spawning Strategy: j

Hormone Used: j

Optimal Spawning Temperature: j

Degree Hours to Ovulation: j

Degree Hours to Hatch: j

Degree Hours to First Feeding: j

Pond Stocking Rate: j

Pond Space Required: j

Fertilizer Requirement: j

Feed Requirement: j

Cost of Production: j

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