Foods from Aquaculture

Food Technology
45, number 9
1 – 6
Aquaculture-General,International Development
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Aquaculture, or fish farming, has demonstrated extremely rapid growth during the past two decades. Channel catfish farming in the United States is an example of the rapidly growing aquaculture industry. It has grown from near obscurity in 1970 to an annual yield of more
than 165,000 tons in 1990 (USDA, 1990). Farming of penaeid (marine) shrimp, primarily in South and Central America and Asia, is the fastest
growing aquaculture enterprise worldwide, supplying approximately 25% of the world’s consumotion. Ocean pen culture of salmon-is
a thriving industry in Norway and other areas of Western Europe, where it provides 90% of the salmon consumed and a valuable export commodity. Recently, high-value marine species, such as sea breams and turbot, are being cultured on a large commercial scale in Europe and Japan. Aquaculture is more than a science in its infancy; it is now recognized as a viable and profitable enterprise
worldwide. It will continue to grow and supply an increasingly larger percentage of fishery products. The purpose of this report is to introduce the concept of aquaculture for food production and to describe some of the aquaculture
products that are available from domestic or imported sources for consumers in the U.S.
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