Departmental Reports


Inland Fisheries Development Assessment - Haiti


Randolph, K.

Date: 1978

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: haiti, fisheries, inland, culture, aquaculture,

Category: International Country Report

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There is a good potential for increasing inland fish production in Haiti with

USAID assistance and the development of a viable Fisheries Service should be possible within three to five years. The subsistence fish culture in the coastal

plains and river basins can be revived within 6 months and can restore a significant number of the original 6,000 ponds to production in three years.

Likewise, the production of the lakes could be increased to play an important role in supplying food to inland populations. While the development of commercial fish farms are needed to provide a significant level of inland fish production ( a greater availability of fish at a cheaper price), their feasibility at the present is questionable due to the lack of an in country support system (feeds/agriculture bv-products, organic fertilizer, water systems, transportation, and preservation) possible high production costs, and the low purchasing power of the people.

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