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CRSP Research Reports: Evaluation of Nile Tilapia Production Systems in Egypt


Green, Bart, Zeinab El Nagdy, Hussein Hebicha, Ibrahim Shaker, Dia Kenawy, Abdel El Gamal

Date: 1995

Funding Agency: USAID/CRSP

Keywords: egypt, aquaculture, tilapia, research, crsp, international, developement

Category: International Funded Research Report

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Experiments were conducted at the Central Laboratory for Aquacultural Research to

1.) evaluate and compare the performance of established PD/ A CRSP pond management systems to Egyptian pond management systems and 


were tested in twenty 0.1-ha earthen ponds. Young-of-year Nile tilapia

(Oreochromis niloticus) were stocked 20,000 fish /ha and fingerling

African catfish were subsequently stocked 60 fishlha to prey on tilapia offspring. Water quality variables were analyzed 


and Enhanced Egyptian

Fertilization then Feed, Traditional Egyptian,

treatments, in decreasing order, were more economically viable and produced 

the greatest gross fish yields, net returns, and average rates of return on capital. These treatments had the highest

values of production per man-hour per kilogram of feed and per Egyptian pound. In addition, the treatments achieved the

highest margins between average prices and break even prices to cover total variable costs of total costs. Production trial

results and economic analyses demonstrated sufficient incentive for the expansion of intensified pond culture in Egypt.

• weekly for 17 weeks. The Free-Water Die! curve method was used to determine primary productivity on six occasions.

Dissolved oxygen was measured with a polarographic dissolved oxygen meter at depths of 5 em, 25 em, 50 em, and 75

em. Economic potential and profitability were also evaluated using Enterprise Budget Analysis.

--Traditional Egyptian, Enhanced Egyptian, Feed Only, Fertilization then Feed, and Chemical Fertilization-- 

2.) to assess the economic potential of different tilapia pond culture systems. Five management practices

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