Departmental Reports


A Biological Study of the Conecuh-Escambia Rivers
in the Vicinity of Brewton, Alabama, 1974.


Lawrence, J., J. Dendy and D. Alston

Date: 1974

Funding Agency: American Container corporation

Keywords: conecuh, escambia, river, limnology, watter, quality

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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This 1974 study is the third yearly survey of the water quality and biological
productivity of the Conecuh-Escambia Rivers conducted by personnel of the Department
of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures of Auburn University. Prior to the beginning
of these studies on the stretch of these two rivers between Brewton, Alabama,
and Escambia Bay, the Institute of Paper Chemistry of Appleton, Wisconsin, had
conducted 15 surveys.

The primary objective of these yearly surveys is to determine if major changes
in water quality or biological productivity are evident during periods of low river flow.
The water quality survey is primarily concerned with nutrient and elemental analyses
since Container Corporation of America chemists maintain a constant surveillance
on dissolved oxygen and carbon contents of these waters. Current biological studies
utilize standardized sets of benthic plate samplers, placed at fixed stations and for
uniform periods of time each year.

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