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Thermal/Biological Report: GASTON STEAM ELECTRIC


Lawrence, J. and D. Bayne

Date: 1979

Funding Agency: Alabama Power Company

Keywords: limnology, water quality, temperature, flow rate, plankton, power plant

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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The concentration of a majority of the water quality parameters
associated with biological studies varied seasonally; however, no
differences that would have biological significance were detected
between upstream control and thermal plume areas. Total organic
carbon concentrations during the summer of



1977 were elevated and

could have been a contributing factor to depressed



D.O. concentrations

during this period.
2. Variations in phytoplankton and zooplankton densities occurred
seasonally in all sample areas.



On certain sampling dates when water

temperatures in plume areas exceeded 32°C, the standing crop of
phytoplankton was measurably depressed (compared with upstream control



) ,

but showed some evidence of recovery at the downstream station.
3. Even though phytoplankton standing crops appear to be depressed during
periods when river temperatures exceeded 32°C, no immediate or long-term
effects on higher forms



( zooplankton, macroinvertebrates or fish} of the

aquatic food chain were detected.



There were no apparent qualitative or quantitative effects of thermal

discharges on zooplankton communities in the receiving waters of the
Coosa River below Gaston Steam Plant.



Thermal discharges were not found to have a significant detrimental

effect on the condition. abundance, or reproduction of fish populations
in the vicinity of Gaston Steam Plant.



Fish movement in the vicinity of the plant was not found to be restricted

by thermal discharges, based on gill net and temperature data.



Macroinvertebrate populations in the vicinity of Gaston Steam Plant

were not found to be significantly affected by thermal discharges.

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