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Boyd, Claude

Date: 1998

Funding Agency: Auburn University

Keywords: water quality, pond, soil, management, analysis, aquaculture

Category: Manual

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Water quality includes
all physical, chemical, and biological

factors that
influence the beneficial use of water. Where aquaculture

is concerned, any
characteristic of water that affects the survival, reproduction, growth, or
management of fish or other aquatic

creatures in any
way is a water quality variable. There are many water quality variables

in pond
aquaculture, but only a few of these normally play an important role.

These are the variables
that aquaculturists should attempt to control by management

techniques. All other
things being equal, a pond with "good'' water quality will produce

more and healthier
aquatic creature than a pond with "poor" water quality. A

knowledge of water quality
principles will help the aquaculturist
in determining the

potential of a body
of water for aquaculture, improving environmental condition in

ponds, avoiding stress-related
disease and parasite problems, and ultimately producing

creatures more efficiently.

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