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Progress Report on Fisheries Development in
Northeastern Brazil: Aquaculture


Jeffrey, Norris - International Center for Aquaculture

Date: 1972

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: aquaculture, Brazil, fisheries, research

Category: International Country Report

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A sunvey of fisheries problems and possibilities for development
in northeastern Brazil was initia led in 1966 by an
Auburn University team on a subcontract under a U.S. Bureau of
Commercial Fisheries- U.S.A.I.D. contract. Personnel
were E. W. Shell, E. E . l)rather, and J. S. Dendy. Preliminary
investi gations were on the potential of the irrigation
and water supply reservoirs constructed by DNOCS ( National
Department of Works Against the Drough ts) to supply under
management large quantities of fish for local consumption
in this food-deficient area. The team recommended the
intensive management of ponds for fish producdion as a
productive supplement. Upon return of the team to northeastern
Brazil in 1967, a suitable area for a pond research
station was located below the dam of the Pereira de Miranda
Reservoir at Pentecoste. However, land at this site could not
bemade available. In 1968 an Auburn team consisting of
E. W. Shell, E. E. Prather, and N. B. Jeffrey investigated
and approved an alternate site on DNOCS lands near its
Training Center. The water supply would come from the
General Sampaio-Serrota Reservoir via an irrigation canal.
A plan for a modem fishcultural experiment station with 40
experimental ponds was devised by E. E. Prather.
Construction at thjs si te began in early 1969 under a
U.S. A. I .D.-DNOCS project with assistance by Mr. Harold
Magnusson and Mr. George H. Heese, A.l.D./ Brazil. Task
ordcr 3 to Auburn Univers ty's worldwide project, A.I.D./csd-2270,
was approved and initiated November 21, 1969.
Under this contract, the author began a 2-year tour in Northeast
Brazil with lhe primary duty of advising on construction
of the experimental sta tion antl training DNOCS personnel
in developing systems of aquaculture. At the time of his
arrival, 20 experimental ponds had been largely completed
except for water supply systems.

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