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International Center for Aquaculture - Auburn University

Date: 1987

Funding Agency: USAID/Auburn University

Keywords: international, development, fisheries, aquaculture

Category: Domestic Departmental Annual Report

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Auburn University and the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff signed a Joint

Memorandum of Understanding in 1986 for collaboration in aquaculture and certain

related aspects of agriculture. Auburn submitted its plans for implementation

of the JMOU and its Program Support Grant Work Plans in May 1986. The first PSG

funds were made available September 29, 1986; however, the last year of the

Strengthening Grant was operated on the Program Support Grant Mode.

The thrust of Auburn's PSG was in support of Ongoing Title XII Projects and

in the Mobilization of Campus Resources. Approximately 80 percent of the PSG

funds (AID and University matching) were projected for use to support ongoing


Ongoing projects represent a wide range of Title XII projects. Two of them

(Rwanda and Ecuador) are bilateral USAID support projects. There are two CRSP

projects (Honduras and Panama) and two centrally funded projects (a Cooperative

Agreement and a University-PVO cooperative effort). Program Support Grant funds

were utilized to provide technical assistance in extension methodology, and in

shrimp production systems for the two bilateral support projects in Rwanda and

Ecuador. Similar support was provided in the areas of water quality, data

analysis, shrimp production systems and shrimp nutrition for the two CRSP

projects in Honduras. Teaching, research and technology transfer activities of

the Cooperative Agreement also received PSG support. Research appropriate to

developing country needs was conducted in several areas (nutrition, diseases,

genetics, water quality).

PSG support also was utilized to enhance course and degree offerings and

advisory services for approximately 55 students from developing countries

studying aquaculture and fisheries at the University. This support also was

used to increase non-academic training opportunities for visiting professionals

from developing countries.

Considerable progress was made in improving technology transfer capability.

The International Information Network moved closer to reality. Information on

the initial participants was received and incorporated into a computer data base.

PSG staff responded to a number of requests from AID/W and USAIDs for

information and technical assistance. Information in the form of brochures,

reprints of technical articles and bulletins were sent to over 200 people in

developing countries.

Auburn University and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff have

cooperated in several activities primarily related to the University-PVO project.

Four staff members from the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural

Sociology participated in PSG activities as part of the Mobilization of Campus

Resources effort. Participation of these staff members enhances the capability

of the University to take part in Title XII activitessignificant progress was realized in improving computer equipment and increasing its use in Title XII projects. Special emphasis was given to encouraging student use.

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