Departmental Reports


Method Of Conducting A Marketing Study


McCoy, E. and M. Hopkins

Date: 1979

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: marketing, philippines, fisheries, development, international

Category: Manual

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Marketing, in
general, includes those functional

activities that
occur between production and consumption.

Included among
these are storing, transporting, processing, and

financing. A market
channel is the route a product follows from

producer to
consumer: from producer to wholesaler to retailer

to consumer. Market
studies thus are diverse, ranging from a

study of the cost of transportation to an overview of the entire

marketing system.
Before any marketing study should be

undertaken, the
problem area should be clearly identified.

A fish marketing
study conducted in Central Luzon,

Philippines, is
used as an example to illustrate the important

sections in a market study process.

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