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Progress Report on Fisheries Development in Northeast Brazil


Lovshin, Leonard

Date: 1975

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: brazil, aquaculture, fisheries, international, development

Category: International Country Report

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Since 1966, the Auburn
University International Center for

Aquaculture has been under
contract by USAID to aid in

the freshwater fisheries resources in Northeast

Brazil. Preliminary survey trips to the semi-arid Northeast

were made in 1966, 1967.
and 1968 by Auburn University

personnel at the request
of DNOCS1 to evaluate methods of

increasing the amount of animal protein from fish that could

be made available to the population of the area. These survey

trips resulted in the
recommendation that pond and laboratory

be constructed and a research program established

to determine the potential
of intensive fish culture in

the Northeast. A site for
the research center was chosen in

Pentecoste, Ceara, and
construction of ponds was begun in

early 1969. USAID entered
into an agreement with DNOCS

and SUDENE2 to provide
financial and technical support to

establish a
freshwater research laboratory in Fortaleza, Ceara.

In November 1969, the
Auburn University Jnternational Center

for Aquaculture was contacted
by USAJD to provide

technical assistance in
intensive fish culture to DNOCS. Dr.

Norris Jeffery was tt1e
technical advisor from November

l 969 to November 1971. At
the end of this 2-year contract,

DNOCS asked
USAJD to extend the present contract so that

technical assistance in
intensive fish culture could be continued.

Task Order 8 was finalized
in March 1972 and the

author began his 2-year
tour of duty on June 16, 1972. The

scope of the author's
duties was:

l. Assist
DNOCS and qualified private organizations and

to program, develop, and implement effective

methods of
intensive freshwater pond fish culture in Northeast


2. Assist
the Center for Ichthyological Research (a subdivision

of DNOCS for
the development of freshwater fisheries

in the
Northeast) in the development of its Northeast

research program by providing technical assistance

in: (a) the
design, construction, and operation of research

facilities specifically designed for intensive

pond fish culture (b) the development of freshwater

fish culture
research to determine the most effective

of species for commercial fish culture, to perfect

methods of
controlling fish diseases and parasites and weeds,

and to test
locally available fish feeds; (c) the training of

technicians to assist the private sector in establishing

freshwater pond fish culture techniques and operations;

and (d) the
development of a DNOCS research facility

participate in the comprehensive and systematic international

exchange system on fish culture techniques.

developments in intensive fish culture and reservoir

as well as a description of the geography of the

can be found in Progress Reports I and 2 on Fisheries

in Northeast Brazil.

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