Departmental Reports


WEISS RESERVOIR Phase I Diagnostic/Feasibility Study


Date: 1997

Funding Agency: U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Alabama Department of Environmental Management

Keywords: weiss, reservoir, water quality, limnology, pollution

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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Weiss Lake was chosen for a Phase I, Clean Lakes, Diagnostic/Feasibility
Study based on the results of several previous studies that showed degraded
water quality and toxic contamination of the lake from point and nonpoint
sources of pollution. The lake has been affected to the extent that it does
not fully support designated uses. A somewhat unique situation exists in that
the lake lies within the State of Alabama but the lake basin is mostly in
Georgia. Historically this has created some problems in water management.
The objectives of this study were to gather historic and current data on Weiss
Lake, identify water quality problems and determine feasible solutions for
their correction.

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