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The Philippine Inland Fisheries Project and Aquaculture Production Project-Completion Report


Crance, Johne and D. Leary

Date: 1979

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: philippines, aquaculture, fisheries, international, development

Category: International Country Report

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The Auburn University
International Center for Aquaculture,

a unit of the
Agricultural Experiment Station's Department

of Fisheries and Allied
Aquacultures, was involved

from 1971 to 1979
in two successive aquacultural development

projects, the Inland
Fisheries Project and the Aquaculture

Production Project,
as a contractor of the U.S. Agency for

International Development
to the Republic of the Philippines.

The goal of both projects
was to improve the nutrition of the

Filipino people by helping
the host country government to

develop the substantial
potential that existed in the country

for increasing
production of fish through aquaculture. The

strategy for the projects
was to develop three institutional

capabilities postulated
to be prerequisite to the progress of

aquaculture in the Philippines:
research. manpower training,

and extension.

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