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Progress Report on Fisheries Development
in Northeastern Brazil: Reservoir Fisheries of Northeast Brazil - International Center for aquaculture, Auburn University


Davies, William

Date: 1972

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: fisheries, Brazil, reservoir, international development

Category: International Country Report

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The UNITED STATES Agency for International Development

has been providing assistance to the Government of Brazil

in freshwater fisheries since 1966 under a program entitled,

"Fish 'Product ion, Processing and Marketing." The DNOCS

has the responsibility for in land fisher ies; ass istance has been

made available to DNOCS th rough agreements administered

by SUDENE. The USAID project agreements to date have

consisted of monetary and technical assistance contracted to

the United States Bureau of Commercial Fisheries ( from

(1966 to 1971) and the Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Staltion lnternational Center for Aquaculture

(from 1969 to 1974) . The project goal established for this assistance is to create

within DNOCS a freshwater fisheries group capable of planning

and conducting practical research programs in the fields

of fish culture, fisheries biology, and food technology. The

objectives are to increase fi sh production in northeastern

Brazil through proper management of the freshwater fisheries,

improve fish p rocessing methods, and to introduce intensive

techniques. Once these objectives are achieved,

then a certain degree of progress can be made in improving

the general well-being of tbe people by increasing the amount

of protein available for human consumption and by creating

opportunities for capital investment.

This report will summarize and evaluate USAID assistance

in fisheries biology, with special emphasis on the Auburn

University Contract AID/ csd-2270, Task Order No. 4

(November 1970-August 1972) . A brief description of the

Drought Polygon of northeastern Brazil , the reservoir fisheries,

and the marketing systems will be followed by sections

on past and present strategy, project status, and recommendations

for future action.

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