Departmental Reports


Report of Fishcultural Investigations in India


Swingle, Homer, Donavan Moss

Date: 1968

Funding Agency: USAID

Keywords: fisheries, aquaculture, development, international, research, india

Category: International Country Report

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1. A new location should be found for development of
a large freshwater fishcultural research station,
having at least 300 experimental ponds and necessary
supplemental research facilities. The present
station at Cuttack is completely inadequate,
2. Consideration should be given to establishment of
several fishcultural substations in cooperation with
Agricultural Universities and/or State Fisheries
Departments to broaden the research base and to more
fully adapt fishcultures to local conditions.
3. A survey should be made to determine the desirability
for establishment of a large brackishwater-seawater
fishcultural research station for development of coastal
areas suitable for culture of sea foods.

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