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Annual Report on Evaluation of selected chemical, physical, and biological characteristics on White Oak and Wesobulga Creek prior to construction of site No. 17A, Crooked Creek Watershed


Lawrence, J. and C. Webber

Date: 1979

Funding Agency: U. S. Soil Concervation Service

Keywords: white oak, wesobulga, creek, limnology, water quality,

Category: Domestic Funded Research Report

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The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of a dam (structure
No. 16) with epilimnetic water release on selected physicochemical and biological
parameters in White Oak Creek. These same parameters were included in a
preimpoundment study of Wesobulga Creek in the same watershed. Water temperatures
in both streams showed seasonal variations but the impoundment resulted in
warmer water being released downstream. Stream discharge was directly related
to runoff with greatest discharge occurring during the spring. Turbidity and total
suspended matter were correlated with stream discharge and these values were
highest downstream of the dam. Dissolved oxygen levels were always adequate
for aquatic life. Both streams are "soft" water systems, but pH levels were acceptnble.
Orthophosphate, total phosphate, and total inorganic nitrogen concentrations
were not significantly different at stations A and B above and below the dam. Other
water quality measurements including total carbon, conductance, and sulfates exhibited
seasonal variations.

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