Departmental Reports


Family-scale Fish Farming in Guatemala


Castillo, S., T. Popma, R. Phelps, U. Hatch, and T. Hanson

Date: 1992

Funding Agency: USAID/CARE/ U.S. Peace Corp

Keywords: guatemala, aquaculture, integrated, ponds, development. international, tilapia

Category: International Country Report

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The purpose of this publication is to document the

development of a successful small-scale aquaculture

project in Guatemala that was funded by the U.S.

Agency for International Development and collaboratively

implemented by the General Directorate for

Animal Husbandry (DlGESEPE) of the Guatemalan

Ministry of Agriculture, the Cooperative for American

Relief Everywhere (CARE), and the U.S. Peace Corps.

This report is intended primarily for planners who

make decisions about the support to and organizational

strategy for family-scale fish farming projects. It is

assumed these individuals are experienced in international

development but may lack technical expertise in

aquaculture. Technical and economic data, included

primarily to substantiate conclusions, will also be useful

to implementers and managers of aquacultural projects

in Guatemala and other countries with similar


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