Pond Draining

We’ve been draining ponds lately on the upper station at Auburn’s E.W. Shell Center.  These ponds range in size from 2-13 acres.  Master’s student Sean Lusk will be starting an evaluation of the influence of threadfin shad on largemouth bass and bluegill populations in small impoundments.  So we needed to drain and restock the ponds we plan to use in the study.  Draining ponds is a lot of work.  Seining involves slowly dragging a several hundred-foot long bag seine through the pond to corral the fish.  We then use a backhoe to lift fish in large baskets to hauling tanks on large flatbed trucks positioned nearby.  We were able to sell a decent amount of fish from the ponds at the SFAAS fish market.


Folks working the seine need to watch out for flying grass carp, which can do some damage on impact with the human body!  Check out the video below.  Notice at 0:40 a large grass carp jumps into the boat!

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