Aquaculture Master Trainer Program

Aquaculture Master Trainer Program

Auburn University

International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments

AquaFish CRSP

Call for Nominations and Applications


The Aquaculture Master Trainer Program aims to consolidate and focus the technical foundations of aquaculture development in selected countries where the AquaFISH Collaborative Research Support Program(CRSP) is operating.  The program has three components:

i)               a fully-paid subscription to the Certification of Aquaculture Professional (CAP) distance learning program (see: http//

ii)             payment of fees for a one- month advanced refresher field training at Auburn University, Alabama for experienced aquaculture trainers,

described at

iii)            Following the field training course, participants will work with AquaFish CRSP personnel to conduct two one-week training programs in their home countries; with cost contributions from the Master Trainer Program.

This call seeks nominations for candidates to participate in the Master Trainers program.


Government Aquaculture Directorates,  Aquaculture Training Institutions,  Fish Farmers’ Societies and NGO’s working in Aquaculture  in Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda are invited to propose two candidates each (one male and one female) for the Aquaculture Master Trainers program.  A completed application consists of: 1) a letter of support for the nominee explaining why each individual merits selection and the likely impacts of the training on aquacultural development in your country and the region; 2) an application form below completed by the nominee; and 3) a resume or curriculum vitae for each candidate proposed.

The deadline for receiving completed applications is April 20, 2011.

Only two candidates per country will be selected for funding. Successful candidates and their respective sponsors will be notified by 12 May 2011.  One alternate person will be selected per country in the event that a selected candidate cannot participate. Upon notification, the candidate will have to complete the USAIDTraiNet formalities and must register for the CAP and begin the course before the field training begins.

All submissions must be made electronically on this site see form below:

The completed submission includes:

  1. Completed Application,
  2. Resumé of previous training and experience
  3. Sponsor’s  supporting letter  stating why the person is the best choice to participate in the Master Trainers program. The letter should address the candidate’s past, current and anticipated future aquaculture training activities.

Once selected, candidates will obtain visas through TraiNet (USAID) with guidance from Auburn University.  Selected candidates must be able to travel to the US on short notice, and for one month as early as 10 June 2011 or within the month thereafter; the dates will be set by the time the candidates are announced.

No funds are available for passport or visa applications. Please know that multiple visits to the US embassy may be necessary, but we will alert USAID program officers of the need to expedite visa applications for the selected participants.  The candidates will have to cover all of the visa expenses themselves.
Approved round trip air transport to and from Atlanta, GA USA will be reimbursed.  If necessary, an e-ticket can be provided once the training dates have been finalized. Transport from Atlanta to Auburn will be facilitated.

Soon after arrival at Auburn for the field training, each participant will be provided with a sum of $1,650 to cover lodging, meals and other incidentals and a health insurance fee of approximately $100.

The CAP and field training are open to other candidates who pay their own fees.  Registration forms are on the website of each program.

A pdf copy of the passport must be provided only after the candidates have been selected


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