Coastal Research & Extension Roundup Agenda

MARCH 9, 2009


Despite recent economic conditions, Alabama’s coastal area is expected to be at the forefront of developmental activities for years to come. Baldwin County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the state and among the fastest growing in the nation. Mobile remains the second largest metropolitan area in the state with prospects for on-going growth. The climate and natural resources of the area combine to create a “quality of life” that is highly valued by residents and visitors. As the coastal counties continue to be developed there will be increasing pressure on natural resources and existing infrastructure.

Auburn University, as the Land Grant University in Alabama, has unique capabilities to address many of the issues facing our coastal communities. In fact, a large number of faculty and extension professionals are already involved in providing answers to coastal problems. That ongoing effort is scattered among academic departments, schools, colleges, institutes and the extension community.

This “Coastal Roundup” attempts, for the first time, to gather those Auburn professionals together to:

  • Share the nature of their work with colleagues
  • Bring attention to the greater AU community the work being done in coastal Alabama
  • Foster cooperation and collaboration for future projects and programs

The program of projects highlighted in the AU Coastal Roundup does not encompass all coast-related projects at Auburn University but is the result of those who responded to e-mail solicitations that may not have reached every facet of the University.


March 9, 2009
School of Forestry Conference Room

8:30 am : Welcome

8:40 am: Introductory Remarks- “Issues and Priorities for Gulf Coast Research” La Don Swann, Director, Mississippi- Alabama Sea Grant Consortium

Moderator: Mike Kensler, Water Resources Institute

8:50 am: Dennis Devries, Professor and Rusty Wright, Extension Specialist and Assoc. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures.
The Mobile Tensaw Delta: life in a changing habitat

9:10 am: Puneet Srivastava, Asst. Professor, Biosystems Engineering
Ecologically-Sustainable Surface Water Withdrawal for Cropland Irrigation in Alabama: how much water can we withdraw?

9:30 am: Allen Davis, Assoc. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Overview of Marine Fish and Shrimp Research at the Claude Peteet Mariculture Center

9:50 am: BREAK (start promptly at 10:05 am)

10:05 am: Ron Phelps, Assoc. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
The Potential for Marine Fish Culture in the Alabama Black Belt Using Saline Groundwater.

10:25 am: Bob Nelson, Professor, Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Prospects for a Marine Bait Industry in Alabama

10:45 am: Charlene LeBleu, Asst. Professor, Landscape Architecture
Integrated Strategies for Low Impact Development in Alabama Coastal Areas

11:05 am: Michelle Worosz, Asst. Professor, Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
The Mobile Bay Watershed Project: Quality of life in Baldwin County

11:25 pm: Ash Bullard, Asst. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Auburn Parasitology: Current & Future Research in the North-Central Gulf of Mexico”

11:45 am – 1:00 pm Break

Moderator: Dr. David Rouse, Head, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures

1:00 pm: Jennings Byrd, Graduate Research Asst., Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology
Residential Development and Business Attitudes: the Case of the Mobile County Working Waterfront

1:20 pm: Latif Kalin, Asst. Professor, Foresty & Wildlife Science
Land Use/Cover Water Quality Interactions in Weeks Bay: synthesis of observation with modeling

1:40 pm: LaDon Swann, Assoc. Research Professor & Director of AUMERC, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures xenical order online AUMERC: 30 Years of Marine Extension and Research on the Gulf Coast

2:00 pm: Break (start promptly at 2:15 pm)

2:15 pm: Matthew Capps, Graduate Student and Michael Robinson, Professor, Architecture
Coastal Resilience: A Vision for Dauphin Island, AL

2:35 pm: Stephen Szedlmayer, Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Artificial Reefs and the Ecology of Red Snapper in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

2:55 pm: Scott Rikard, Manager, Natural Resource Programs and Bill Walton, Extension Specialist and Asst. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
An Overview of Research and Hatchery Production at the Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory

3:20 pm: Break (start promptly at 3:30 pm)

3:30 pm: Bill Deutsch, Research Fellow IV and Sergio Ruiz-Cordova, Research Asst. IV, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Gulf of Mexico Watershed Stewardship Activities with Fish and Cattle Producers, Classrooms and Community Monitors

3:50 pm: Cova Arias, Assoc. Professor, Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
Overview of seafood safety research at the Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory: Vibrio vulnificus, the hazard of the half shelf

4:10 pm: Wrap up (open discussion for anyone who wants to talk about future collaborations, new structures for coastal-based research etc.)

Other Projects – not presenting:

Susan Wingard, County Extension Coord., Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Master Environmental Education Program

Summary of Program: The Master Environmental Education Program includes lessons on recycling, the water cycle, household hazardous waste, groundwater pollution, non point source pollution and aquatic nuisance species. A trained MEE volunteer or a staff member presents programs to students in second-twelfth grades and to community groups. The lessons have been presented to 1,720 students in 29 schools.

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