Water Conservation Presentation

     The public is cordially invited to attend a presentation, Alternative sources of water… A better approach by Scott Kubiszyn, founder of Nature’s Tap, on Thursday, February 19 in the Comer Hall auditorium (2nd floor) on the AU campus. The event is sponsored by Save Our Saugahatchee (S.O.S) and the Saugahatchee Watershed Management Plan (SWaMP, a watershed project funded by ADEM and coordinated from the AU Fisheries Department). Refreshments will be served at 6:00 PM and the presentation will begin at 6:30 PM.
     Mr. Kubiszyn will discuss water conservation, how citizens can be part of the solution,
and how Nature’s Tap can assist them. While many parts of the country and the world have an approaching water crisis, we have shunned centuries-old and natural practices of collecting water and using it at the source. In the process we are damaging our watersheds, stealing from our water tables, consuming tremendous amounts of energy, and using unnecessary resources. Come hear about practical solutions clomid tablets and new technologies that are emerging to reuse greywater and capture rainwater and stormwater as alternative sources of water for our non-potable needs. Find out how a local school is planning a rainwater harvesting system that will act as a community demonstration site, while reducing the school’s dependence on potable water, and reducing runoff and nonpoint source pollution into the creek that runs right behind the school through a partnership involving the school, Nature’s Tap and SWaMP. For more information, please contact Eric Reutebuch (334-844-1163, reeutem@auburn.edu) or Wendy Seesock (seesowc@auburn.edu ).

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